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Shamed into Hiding

Johnesha why didn't you post pics or share on social media when you were pregnant?

I would love to lie and say I was becoming more private and wanted to keep my life private. The real answer is SHAME...

Long story short after 4 years of super legit celibacy and 2 years in a Christ centered partnership I ended up going backwards...once I took one step back and settled for a fun, comfortable but unhealthy relationship, the next thing that happened was almost inevitable...letting go of my boundaries I fell into temptation...having too much fun one night I broke my vow of celibacy and from that one encounter I got pregnant.

So I was ashamed because I had higher expectations for myself and I know the people around me did as well. I was 30 so yeah I was super grown at that point but my age didn't matter to me. I felt like I killed my future by this happening. I was so disappointed that I went into hiding.

I felt lonely but I wasn't alone though. I had so much love and support from my family and friends. I'm not sure what they saw that made them know that I needed them but God knew what he was doing when he sent them during that time.

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